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 Posted: Fri Oct 17th, 2008 04:14 pm
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The one thing that everyone seems to be missing is the value of the CDV for the researcher. You can actually see how the uniforms and equipment was worn, how hair was combed etc. It is an invaluable tool to the researcher and has even gone so far as to smash preconceptions.But remember, some of those fearsome weapons were props owned by the photographer.  Maybe a few of the uniforms too.  After all, the boys wanted to look like soldiers, not like civilians fresh from the enlistment office.  OK, let's assume the props were authentic, but still, a bit of caution to the researcher looking for reality.

Men, women, and children all looked so solemn.  Did anybody ever say cheese for the camera?  My guess is no, and I can offer two thoughts as to why.

First, people wanted to be remembered as serious and responsible adults.  Not as grinning idiots.

Second, a lot of people had bad teeth.  No sense preserving that for posterity.

Patty aka Widow

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