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 Posted: Fri Sep 30th, 2005 02:31 pm
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Mr. Daniels...I have been involved  in Civil War reenacting and for forty years, been a

student of the Civil War.  Based upon your geographical location, might I recommend

a vist to Ft. Donelson in Dover, Tenn., during the living history program that brings

Grant & Buckner together?  Each year the crowd grows larger,  and Union & Confederate reenactors set up camps on the battlefield for the weekend. Grant &

Buckner are available for questions & photos and each man gives a presentation in the auditorium of the visitor's  center, where you will gain insight into lives of these

two old friends.  Ft. Donelson has a  museum and gift shop on the premisis and  a

very knowledgeable staff.

On Sunday, the surrender is reenacted at the Dover Hotel, which  still stands and

looks the same as it did in 1862.  This is a rather moving meeting of Buckner & Grant

as Buckner addresses his troops.  In the past few years, historians have viewed Ft.

Donelson as the place where the "North WON the Civil War", and several books are

out there filled with the claims that support that view.  The gift shop sells most of

the books I am referring to.  Hosted by the 50th Tennessee (CSA) and the NPS,  no

one leaves this event without feeling the importance of the Battle & the pain of the

losses suffered here.  Save time to visit the National Cemetery and Grant's headquarters location.  The event is planned for Feb. 18-19, 2006 so there is time

to make your plans.  No fees to attend these programs. Hope to see you there...

Your Most Obedient servant,....Ulysses

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