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connyankee wrote: I seemed to have read someplace that Albert S. Johnston, who was serving the US Army in California when the Civil War broke out, was offered a position second only in rank to Winfield Scott.  If true, was this before or after R.E. Lee was offered command of Union forces?  I think A.S. Johnson resigned on April 9th, 1861.

Can anyone help me out on this one?


Lee met with Blair and then Scott on April 18 where he was offered command of all Union armies, second only to Scott.

It is true that Scott's high regard for Lee prompted this offer.  Johnston was offered the same position after Lee turned it down.

One note on Johnston...after he resigned he remained in place until his replacement could reach California.  Though he had the fullest of intentions to side with the Confederacy, his sense of duty compelled him to remain at his post until he could be relieved.


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