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 Posted: Fri Oct 24th, 2008 03:24 am
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Captain Crow-

  Sometimes it seems that even a substantial knowledge of the past is no indicator of any great understanding of the present.

  A few years ago, I found a lengthy history test online the subject of which was the 20th Century. The test was divided into ten sections, each covering a decade of the century. Since I witnessed most of the century, I thought I would test my knowledge of it.

  When I looked at the answers, I discovered that I scored 100% on the first six sections, representing 1900-1960. I missed one question on the 1960s, one on the 1970s, and I believe two on the 1980s. What amazed me was that I missed the most questions on the decade of the 1990s. That indicated to me that I knew more about what was going on in 1905 than what was going on in 1995. I must not have been paying attention.  :?

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