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 Posted: Tue Aug 8th, 2006 07:48 am
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I'm 42 and I've been interested ever since I was given a set of pictorials as a child.

As an adult I was mesmerized by Shelby Foote's writings.  Since then I've read all of Nevins' volumes and many single books on the war and the participants.  I am reading a lot of Catton right now.

I guess the one book I've chided myself for not reading...though it is waiting on the Grant's autobiography.  I have long noticed its accolades as the best American autobio ever written.  When I discoved that its editor was none other than Mark Twain (he was also the one who constantly encouraged Grant to write) I knew why.  Not to take any credit from Grant...I am still amazed at his evident strength...who wrote a masterpiece as he was dying of cancer.

I have never joined the reenacting due to work and family constraints, but I would love it.

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