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 Posted: Wed Oct 29th, 2008 12:32 am
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I was reading American Brutus today, and came across this little but important tidbit about photography and the attempt to capture Booth.

Apparently, when a picture of Booth was chosen and then reproduced to give to law enforcement and military officials, one that was sort of obscure was chosen, with a pose that was not a good likeness of Booth. This meant that there were many false sightings in the days after Lincoln was assassinated. I was particularly amused by one dark-haired, mustached man who was followed all the way from Washington DC to Tamaqua, PA (northern PA) without his actually being aware of it. He was finally "caught" as he got off the train. The book doesn't say what happened to him. But there were probably hundreds of false sightings based on this photograph.

I thought it interesting to note, too, that the author mentions that Booth was known to be photographed at least "40 times," as if that is a lot--which it was for the time period. Nowadays, even tiny babies are photographed that many times in their first few days of life by their happy parents!

By the way, it's been said here before by others, but I have found American Brutus to be an excellent book chock full of information that I knew little about before I read it. If you're at all interested in the Lincoln assassination, this is one to read!


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