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 Posted: Wed Aug 9th, 2006 03:30 pm
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I am very confused with your post and not sure how to reply.  he didn't put too much of a tactical view on everything... ..example, brute force at Petersburg, and Vicksburg

...Brute force at Petersburg? Are you confusing Petersburg with the Overland Campaign (Wilderness, Spotsylvania, North Anna, Cold Harbor)?  At Petersburg Grant forced Lee into trench warfare and prevented him from excercising the tactical mobility which he was known for. With an ecomomy of force Grant held his line while extending his flank to a point where his adversary was unable to counter.

And Vicksburg? Vicksburg is nothing less than a tactical masterpiece. Grant used diversions (Grierson and Streight) to remove virtually all of the enemy cavalry from the theatre (including Forrest), diversionary infantry attacks at Hayne's Bluff and Drumgould's Bluff, combined operations with the inland river flotilla, an amphibious invasion, landing in an enemy's rear while cut off from communications and suppiles. While the Confederates had more forces in the theatre, Grant was able to use mobility and diversions to fight with superior numbers at Port Gibson, Raymond, Jackson, Champion's Hill and the Big Black River. When a direct assault on Vicksburg itself was unsuccsessful he switched to siege operations which are ultimatley successful.

Please tell me of another campaign which contains so many tactical elements. Not bad for a "drunk". If I misunderstood your post please let me know.


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