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 Posted: Fri Oct 31st, 2008 06:41 am
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When I was in Springfield this summer one of the books I bought was Stealing Lincoln's Body by Thomas J. Craughwell .  I bought it at the Museum of Funeral Customs near the Oak Ridge Cemetery. 

I first heard the story of an attempt to steal Lincoln's body when I was a child visiting Springfield.  My father's cousin took us on a tour of Lincoln sites and while at the cemetery told me the story.  So I was really interested in reading this book. 

The book is not long only 200 pages but not only tells the story of the bumbling crew that tried to steal the body on the eve of the Presidential election 1876.  It talks about embalming ,(I know ewww), conterfeiting , and the Guard of Honor .  I literally could not put this book down. 

The cast of characters are amazing .  The story would make a great movie. 


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