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 Posted: Wed Aug 9th, 2006 04:16 pm
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Hi all,

Of course I am late to the  game so to speak.

I am a little bit older then most here. I was born August 14,1951..

At the age of 9 while helping big sister do her history project on the opening act of the Civil War, the firing on Fort Sumter, I was hooked. I still have vivid memories of being 9 and standing on the parade ground of Fort Sumter.. Recently I went back and visited the Fort again.And that parade ground seemed a lot smaller to me.. No surprise there...

My addition to this time in our nations history, ebbed and grew over the next 40 plus years. It was the discovery of the familys connection to G.K. Warren and then also the recent discovery of my GGGrandfathers place in the "Recent unpleasantness"...  That drew me in further.

Now considering seriously a move to the Gettysburg area, I have soaked up every book I can on GB and now Antietam. My book shelves look like a library on the CW.. 

Bruce Catton was the original author I got hooked on. Since then names like McPherson, Foote, Pfanz, Bradley, Martin, Priest, Harsh, Roberson, now dominate these shelves. Copies of North and South are stacked in my living room. Some so dogeared as to become tattered a tad bit.

Even though I am in my mid fifties now, if any thing, my passion for this time in our history continues to grow and be nurtured. Now able to lead walks of GB, and soon very soon Antietam, I just cant get enough...

Still the most frequent question asked of me is "Jim you are going WHERE again?" Gettysburg? Why? ANswer, because there is still so much to learn.

I have visited many other places of significance in CW history. Battlefields like the Bull Runs, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Five Forks, Durham Station, Bentonville NC, Wilmington NC, Richmond, WInchester, Bermuda 100, the forts around DC, Chancelorsville, The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, The Mule Shoe, Shiloh, and yes even Kenneshaw Mt.

A buff? Nah.. Now, A CW Historian... And after reading every ones posts here, we have every right to make that claim to be called that. For thats what we are . CW historians.



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