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 Posted: Sat Nov 1st, 2008 12:35 am
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Dixie Girl wrote: susansweet wrote: It talks about embalming ,(I know ewww), conterfeiting , and the Guard of Honor .  I literally could not put this book down. 

im gonna be the weird one here and say i think the whole embalming process is very would be cool to be a mortician or even better a coroner. id love to get to find out what killed people, and get to cut em open and see all the organs and stuff. yeah i know i have very strange interests
what's even cooler is seeing living people having liver transplants (yes I work in an O.R.). During the placement of the new liver the patient's intestines are piled up on their chest. And because of the digestive process known as peristalsis (simply the contraction of the thin layer of muscle surrounding the intestines that causes the digesting food to move through the bowels)never stops, they appear to be squirming like a big glistening pile of giant worms....mmmmmmmmm:P Working in health care gives me a paycheck and really good diner table stories to gross out my non-medical friends.:shock:

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