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 Posted: Wed Aug 9th, 2006 04:27 pm
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I have been captivated by military history since a very little boy.  I was often ridiculed by members of my own family for sitting with our bi-centenial edition of the World Book encyclopedia reading every article I could find on wars and armies.  I inherited a book from my grandfather on the Civil War and loved the pictures, but what really fired my attention was the '82 mini series with Stacy Keach, "The Blue and The Gray".  Great cast.  Then I learned from my grandmother about our connection to the Tennessee cavalry that rode with Morgan in '63.  That got me reading more and more seriously about the war.  Today, with the college courses I have taken in the history of the Civil War and the articles that I have written, I would like to consider myself a Civil War Scholar.  Those that have taken their passion for that epoch in history and elevated it into sincere study I think can proudly call themselves scholars of the Civil War.

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