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 Posted: Sun Nov 2nd, 2008 07:35 am
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Captain Crow,I don't mean to insult or irritate but the site posted has a serious issue when the first quote is given for Ed Bearrs and he emphaticly denies ever saying such.  In the noted examples, IIRC, 4 are examples illustrating the same men from different sources.  Dr Steiner is often quoted, the problem is that no one buried the fallen black soldiers from that command and there would have been quite a few as that particular unit suffered significant casualties.  There are other errors in the text but I'm not in the mood to go digging.  Maybe later maybe not;865432 Black CS soldier threads always degenerate.


Below is a list of books that I would call an absolute must for an in depth understanding of the subject of black men under arms in the time of the ACW.

Berlin, Ira, Freedom; The Black Military Experience
Brewer, James, The Confedertae Negro: Virginia’s Craftsmen & Military Laborers
Cheek, William F., Black Resistance Before the Civil War,.
Durden, Robert, The Gray and the Black
Fogel, Robert William & Engerman, Stanley L., Time on the Cross the Economics of American Negro Slavery.
Glatthaar, Joseph T., Forged in Battle The Civil War Alliance of Black Soldiers and White Officers, The Free Press, 1990.
Jacobs, Harriet, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl,.
Jordan, Ervin, Black Confedertaes & Afro Yankees in the Civil War
McLaurin, Melton A., Celia, A Slave,.
McPherson, James M., Marching Toward Freedom,.
McPherson, James M., The Negro’s Civil War: How American Negroes felt and acted during the War for the Union
McPherson, James M.,The Struggle for Equality:Abolitionists and the Negro in the Civil War & Reconstruction
Meltzer, Milton, In Their Own Words A History of the American Negro 1619-1865,
Quarles, Benjamin, The Negro in the Civil War
Rose, Willie Lee, Rehearsal for Reconstruction The Port Royal Experiment,
Spencer, Samuel R. Jr., Booker T. Washington and the Negro’s Place in American Life,.
Synnestvedt, Sig, The White Response to Black Emancipation,.
Trudeau, Noah Andre, Like Men of War.

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