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 Posted: Sun Nov 2nd, 2008 09:01 pm
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Just as a note to why I so adamantly dispute most of the accounts of the Black CS Soldier. When I was living in SC I visited a plave called Dingles Mill the site of a "ferocius battle where thousands died" according to a local SCV man and there were hundreds of black Confederates there. I was intrigued and quite impressed by the story I was told and came to firmly believe there were 30,000 or more black Confederate soldiers... I have since revised my opinion downward dramaticly.

I repeated the story, often... then I met a women by the name of Connie Boone who forced me to question the incident. I did my own research and discovered several things: 1. the battle was so insignificant that it isn't listed in any listing of CW battles. 2. The black troops there in most evidence were USCT men not CS. 3. due to a shortage of horses local slaves had been impressed to pull the CS guns and may or may not have manned them. 4. Almost everything I had been told about the incident was pure fabrication from the numbers involved to the tactics used.

Upon further research I discovered that what I was told about this particular incident was NOT an unusual distortion. For that alone I owe Connie a great apology which can never be given.

I have run sources to ground that claim hundreds of blackConfederates in arms to find one or sometimes 2 zeros added to the orignal number. Creative editing done w/ a very sick agenda.

My process for coming to the number of 1300 actual fighting black CS men is simple. I have run to ground approx 130 verifiable incidents involving black Soldiers fighting w/ the CS (40 approx w/ Forrest) and that is all. I figured that w/ Jim Crow and creative bookkeeping I was likely missing a goodly number in short I suspect I only found 10%. Most of these black men served in western Regiments. Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee etc.

I have NEVER read a first person account from the Union perspective of facing black CS troops in battle, or of capturing them or of burying them. Many of the letters I have read were written by abolishionists and perhaps 75-80% were written by western troops some of who were extremely racist men that would have complained or commented about seeing black CS soldiers. Having now read Union letters & diaries to the tune of better than 2000 different authors I think I stand on fairly firm ground.

I see the modern habit of finding a single account or a dozen of black men fighting for the CS and then I see the numbers carried all out of proportion. Why? Some feel the South must be vindicated and will willingly lie, distort & attempt to rewrite history to do so. Others feel that the US can do no good and "proof" that black CSers fought against this country only furthers that belief.

Thankfully there are a few, and I do mean a few, who attempt to use actual research to come to their own conclusion... unfortunately they are a minority.

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