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 Posted: Sun Nov 2nd, 2008 09:02 pm
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"The Confederate authorities never intended to use black troops for any mission with real importance. If the Native Guards were good for anything, it was for public display." [James G. Hollandsworth, Jr., The Louisiana Native Guards: The Black Military Experience During the Civil War,_ pp. 10-11]

The largest concentration of black Men to see combat I have ever read about was at Chickamauga, about 40 IIRC, part of TN Cav regt. Officers servents who got sick of getting shot at and went to work to stop it. There were some black men at 1st Manasas w/ the Washington Arty. "The Creole Guard" and they manned a pair of guns... IIRC 17 men. What happened to them after is as god a guess as any as they never again manned CS guns anywhere that I've managed to find. THen the two companies outside Richmond, which may have given a volley at some US Cav before hightailing it. They aren't listed on any parole record and they dissolved into the countryside before Appomatox.

There is no real evidence that large numbers of black men would have willingly served the CS as soldiers. Everywhere the US Army went in the south they were followed by huge numbers of former Slaves. The 1st LA Native Guard is often touted as proof that the CS was willing to enlist black men as soldiers. The only problem is the 1st LA Native Guard was never paid, equipped, armed or used in a military role by the CS. No one has ever been able to show me otherwise. They were disbanded and sent home. After New Orleans fell 1/4 to1/3 ended up back in the Army... the US Army forming the cadre for several Regiments.

Roughly 180,000 black men willingly served the US in pulling down the CS flag. From my own research maybe 1200 served the CS as soldiers. I've seen the number of 13,000 put forward, looked at the methodology used to come to that number and find that reasonable, that said I've seen nothing to trump my own number of 1200-1400.

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