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 Posted: Mon Nov 3rd, 2008 01:08 am
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Johan, amazing reading and effort on your behalf to provide the other side of the story. I really appreciate all you have done to add to this discussion.

I was taken aback by the web site that described slaves  in numbers in the tens of thousands who actively fought in the Confederate Army. It didn't square with what happened to Cleburne when he proposed doing just that very thing. Davis's reaction and the even more extreme reactions of some Confederate officers simply couldn't have happened if tens of thousands of slaves were already fighting along side white Confederate males. One officer even wanted Cleburne charged as a traitor for suggesting anything so preposterous.  

Back to the web site in question. I find the statue of a slave-soldier marching along side his white male fellow soldiers interesting. There isn't enough shown of this statue to find out when this scene may have taken place, where the statue is and what the statue is meant to portray.

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