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 Posted: Mon Nov 3rd, 2008 05:23 pm
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Bama, yes there were. But frankly the number was insignificant. Those who did fight and serve should be honored. However, there are quite a few who willingly and eagerly inflate their numbers.

List me the Regiments and the battles were thousands of black CS soldiers made a difference.

All that can be done is to list Black CS soldiers by ones and twos here and there. Because that is the reality of it. It is telling that the one monument w/ a Black CS soldier does not show him bearing arms.

It was not until the last desperate days of the CS that a serious effort was made to recruit black men for service in the CS army. By then it was too late... and even then there was rabid condemnation of such an idea. All the while the USCT had been in the field for years, plural, and giving stellar service. Roughly one in six soldiers in the US army east of the Appalachians was a black man. None could deny their effectiveness and yet many in the CS congress did. March 1865, need more be said than: "note the date?"

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