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 Posted: Mon Nov 3rd, 2008 07:11 pm
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Bama it is telling that while all the others soldiers on the monument are armed he is not. While a possible explanation might be that he was intended to portray a teamster or cook. That isn't what the revisionists think or say. It is also telling that is what you picked out to attack me with, not TD, PvtClewell or any others who have replied to the thread. When considering the rest of the information on this thread it is very telling indeed.

There stands one, count it, one monument to Black CS soldier erected by those who were there. There have been a couple more erected that honor individual black men who bore arms. The big monuments w/ black men potrayed or honored are missing. The CS solider monuments in SC, NC, VA, MS, AL etc don't mention ot portray the black man. Do you really think so little of the men who were there to think they would belittle their own if they had been in the ranks? I do not.

There are four monuments to the USCT erected prior to 1916 and thousands, yes I said thousands, of smaller ones. Every single white stone provided by the US over a grave is a monument. Every single GAR star or metal badge is one as well.

Yes, there were black men who fought for the CS. The number was small, probably less than 13,000 IMO less than 1300. So spend your time honoring those who actually did fight and stop trying to spread the myth of tens of thousands. I've seen the patently ridiculous number of 250,000 put forward on other boards. I believe all for a purpose: to denigrate the USCT and put forward the idea that black men served by the thousands because slavery wasn't really all that bad.

As to giving a soldier or soldiers an apology... I have owed some soldiers an apology and when I do owe them one I provide one. Perhaps you owe the 4 millions who were held in bondage in the CS an apology for forgetting the role they had in keeping your CS alive for four years. For w/out that slave labor there would have been no CS war effort. Look hard at what Ranger Dabney had to say on the subject farther up the thread.

As to whether I was in combat arms depends entirely upon what point in my career you're asking about but suffice it to say I was carrying or in reach of a firearm for a good portion of that career. It doesn't matter. A firearm does not a soldier make. For example when you pick up an AR-15 and call yourself a soldier; are you? I know the US Army doesn't think so.

Show me the muster rolls, the records of arms, uniforms, Accoutraments, pay etc that were provided to the tens of thousands of black CS soldiers and maybe I'll give you a bit of credence. At best, you can show a couple here and thre scattered throughout the CS. Hands down Forrest is the only large scale, if 40 odd can be considered large scale, existance of Black CS soldiers.

The words of the men of the day aren't good enough for you and for that perhaps you are the one who owes someone an apology. The CS soldier did not consider the black man beside him a soldier because there weren't many there. The CS high command did not consider a black man a soldier for exactly the same reason. And the CS politicos... didn't consider a black man a soldier because they had a hard enough time considering a black man a human being. This is quite clear from reading what was said in the CS halls of power. Was the US any better? No, the black man got the short end of the stick in the face of American racism. Was it better for a black man on the ranks of the US than on the plantation? Yes, for he was being paid. He was often being given a chance to learn to read to receive a degree of education that was denied him, by law, in the CS. And by the end of the war he was treated w/ a modicum of respect that comes w/ wearing the uniform.

On another thread you demanded that I reply with an answer on what I thought the role of the SCV, SUVCW was. I did and I stand by that. For your lack of a response... nothing more need be said. The role is to honor the men who fought and died. I do, by supporting the fiction of tens of thousands of black CS soldiers you do not. That is the difference. I support history not fantasy. And I shall continue to support the memory of those who died as well as those who lived.

I bid you a good day.

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