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 Posted: Mon Nov 3rd, 2008 07:31 pm
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You claim to be the champion of the soldier. do you consider this man less of a soldier because he is not depicted as being armed?
If he was enlisted, paid, and equipped as a soldier, it doesn't much matter what he carried -- whether musical instruments or cooking implements, hammers, shovels or axes, he was a soldier. The thing is, most counted as black Confederates were slaves (servants), impressed slaves, or employed freedmen. (Enlisted is missing.)

Much has been said about Forrest's 45 slaves who rode with him. One can't doubt that each of them picked up a rifle now and then -- and did some shooting; but describing them as soldiers stretches the definition.

And your "evidence" is well-known in CWforum circles. It's trotted out frequently everytime the subject comes up. It doesn't improve with age.


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