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 Posted: Mon Nov 3rd, 2008 10:47 pm
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javal1 wrote:
Once again a promising thread is ruined. I'm not taking anyone's side, but if you people can't learn to discuss a subject without jumping to personal comments and demands for apologies, then don't discuss at all.

Pam, I apologize that another of your well thought-out threads got sidetracked. I can't tell you how fed up I am with this.

Javal and an extension of the apology to Pam, once again I apolgize. I said before that I would not reply to Bama. I backslid and did.

You claim to be the champion of the soldier. do you consider this man less of a soldier because he is not depicted as being armed? How many truck drivers do you suppose there in the armed forces today? Cooks? clerks? Technicians of various types? Are they not soldiers? Are they sort of quasi soldiers or full brothers in arms? when you were in the military (air force, correct), were you of combat arms or not
this quite frankly disturbs me and I believe you owe one hell of a lot of soldiers an apology"

I took offense at being accused of something that is a load of hooey, and not for the first time from him. Bama enjoys baiting me and I fell for it. My apologies to all; there are no excuses.

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