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 Posted: Wed Nov 5th, 2008 03:21 am
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A dixie cup worth of lemon juice w/ a generous dollop of honey nuked in the microwave long enough to dissolve the honey.  Soothes anyway, helps w/ coughs to.
And it doesn't hurt to add a jigger of good bourbon. Maker's Mark. (Right, Javal?)

TimK: Does anyone eat a straight peanut butter sammich? Lots add jelly or jam. Some will do sliced bananas. I've even heard of bacon. Sweet pickles are my particular oddity. When I was growing up (walking ten miles to school, uphill both ways), THE mom would put together a lunch. Usually, it was peanut butter and pickles. We  used to snicker at the poor kids whose mother would put dill pickles in their sandwiches.

Another memory brings me to baloney and Miracle Whip. In the prairies, ten AM is morning coffee. At that time, wherever we were, THE mom would come walking with a mason-jar of coffee (wrapped in newspaper) and baloney sandwiches. Although this is vile stuff, to this day I will still buy (at least twice per year) a package of baloney and a small loaf of Wonderbread just to relive those moments.

And now, I'm getting hungry. Tomorrow, I will do some beans and pork, with cornbread and honey. Yummy!


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