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 Posted: Wed Nov 5th, 2008 04:10 am
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ole wrote:Does anyone eat a straight peanut butter sammich?

i add apple butter to my pb sammiches. i like extra crunchy peanut butter......i am whats know as a peanutbutteraholic.......i can finish off two jars (or more) in seven one in my house gets any because i usually beat em to it, but then its the same way in my grandparents house, grandma never gets any peanut butter cause papa eats it all before she gets to it. pickles and peanut butter???? yuck!!!! if you really wanna know what cures all its vinegar.....the stuffs good for everything.

i also love bbq.....but not the kinda smothered in that sickly sweet crap people like to pass off as sauce, NC sauces are vinegar based and well NC by far has the best bbq in the world!!!

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