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 Posted: Wed Nov 5th, 2008 01:48 pm
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This reminds me of interesting points regarding the differences between Roman and American slavery. It's one I run across fairly often, mostly along the lines that 'Jesus condoned slavery', at least implicitly.

Roman slaves were usually prisoners of war. Typically there choice was to be killed or to be enslaved. These days we might call them indentured servants.

It was [not] their skin color that enslaved them but rather their fighting for, or living in, a conquered province.

Bondage was seldom for life, it was more akin to the captured German soldiers laboring in US fields and factories during World War II. In other words, Roman slaves paid for the costs of conquering their homeland.

Many Roman slaves lived apart from their masters and came to 'work' for regular hours. Their families were not considered slaves, though they were not citizens either. Slavery did not include the slaves family and descendants.

Note again that I am speaking of slaves in the Roman empire from about 300 BC to 100 AD. The Old Testament Jewish slaves in Egypt are a completely different story and *very much* parallel the history of slavery in the US.


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