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 Posted: Thu Nov 6th, 2008 01:30 am
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PvtClewell wrote: izzy,

What part of North Carolina are you living?

Have you tried Lexington-style barbecue? It's a ketchup-vinegar base specialty that uses only the pork shoulder, which make it totally different from the eastern (NC) barbecue that uses the whole hog. I love he Lexington style.

Here's a site:

That's all I'm gonna say. Barbecue discussions tend to ignite civil wars.:)

i went to the BBQ Festival this year.....nothing i love better than some BBQ....while there i ate bbq til i almost threw up and then we bought some from one of the stands to have throughout the week, and i pigged out for a week....bbq is a big part of a North Carolinians diet

Amen to that Doc

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