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 Posted: Thu Nov 6th, 2008 01:37 am
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javal1 wrote:Since moving down here from Pa., I can't say I'm impressed with the South's view of "comfort food". Greens and grits disgust me, and I just don't get the big fuss about the BBQ. I say that with all respect, since it all depends what you grow up with.

if you sent me up North I probably wouldnt be impressed with yalls view of comfort food either.

now javal there is nothing wrong with grits and greens, especially if cooked for ya greens, season em with some fatback or grease from some hogjawls, then when they are done put em in a bowl and cover with salt and vinegar, and you've got yourself some good eatin, and for grits, just put some salt, pepper and butter on em.

as i said, bbq is a BIG part of a North Carolinians diet (or it is in my part of the state anyway) javal just come on down to Lexington and we'll turn you into a bbq lover

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