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 Posted: Thu Nov 6th, 2008 07:43 am
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OK, folks, here are 2 facts that are better than myths.

Per my research for my secession chapter in my biography of Anna Ella Carroll, Great Necessities: The Life, Times, and Writings of AEC, 1815-1894, in which I discuss Confederate plans for an attempted coup of Washington, there is an indication in the memoirs of Judge Lucius Chittenden that senior Confederate officials were in on the plot to assassinate Lincoln on the way through Baltimore. Chittenden's Baltimore Republican friends thought the upper classes had contributed money, apparently for the get-away schooner to the South.

Also, I think this is correct, Booth and Lincoln were clan relatives. See any presidential genealogical website for Lincoln's and you'll see a gmother Lydia (?) Holmes. I believe a Booth gparent was also a Holmes. This might confirm my theory that Lincoln's death was subconscious suicide by assassin. In other words, AL was tuckered out from the trials of the war and subconsciously wanted to die. He also felt guilty for sending so many men to their deaths and felt he deserved the same fate. That he and Booth were related marks them with a "sameness," that is, Booth killing AL was the same as AL killing AL.


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