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 Posted: Thu Nov 6th, 2008 04:37 pm
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Various posters quoted or wrote:
Some feel the South must be vindicated and will willingly lie, distort & attempt to rewrite history to do so. Others feel that the US can do no good and "proof" that black CSers fought against this country only furthers that belief. Thankfully there are a few, and I do mean a few, who attempt to use actual research to come to their own conclusion... unfortunately they are a minority.

Time is, indeed, running out for the chance to Remember and Honor the tens of thousands of Black, Brown, Red and Yellow Southerners and those of foreign birth who wore the gray and fought to defend their homes and families. There are those who are making concerted efforts to abolish or deny documented evidence of their service.

I believe all for a purpose: to denigrate the USCT and put forward the idea that black men served by the thousands because slavery wasn't really all that bad.

'It's a search for a multicultural Confederacy, a desperate desire to feel better about your ancestors,' says Leslie Rowland, a University of Maryland historian. 'If you suggest that some blacks supported the South, then you can deny that the Confederacy was about slavery and white supremacy.'
Black Confederates, Mr. Blight says, are a new and more palatable way to 'legitimize the Confederacy.'"

Perhaps you owe the 4 millions who were held in bondage in the CS an apology for forgetting the role they had in keeping your CS alive for four years. For w/out that slave labor there would have been no CS war effort.


Daddy always said if you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the only one that yelps is the one that got hit, and that's true enough. It's also true that if you throw a handful a gravel at that same pack, you shouldn't be surprised if they all come back after you.

My granddaddy was a klansman.  His daddy was a klansman. His daddy was a slave-holder and Confederate Veteran.  His daddy was a slave-holder and so on all the way back to Jamestown.  I am a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  I am a member of a Confederate Living History organization.  I fly Confederate National Flags on my property.

Fom this simple statements of facts, someone with an agenda would make certain assumptions about my personal beliefs.  These may be accurate or not, but they would still be assumptions. Or, to use another word, prejudice.

I, for one, feel no need to "try to legitimize the Confederacy", by fair means or foul. I lose no sleep worrying that there are people who spend every waking moment online trying to discredit any Southern Heritage organization, whether mainstream or fringe. There have always been Vocal Yankees who paint with a large brush and when confronted with people who just don't agree with their exact point of view, talk louder. (The reason for the longevity of the sobriquet "The War to Supress Yankee Arrogance".)

The tension and arguments in this thread has not been about how many black men served under arms in the Confederate Army.  This is a legitimate, if tired, discussion. The problem, not only in this thread, but throughout this entire board, and indeed, most Civil War forums, is the personal enmity aroused when that handful of gravel is tossed at a pack of dogs that have no concern for or interest in the personal agenda of the thrower.  Some of them dogs bite. 

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