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 Posted: Fri Nov 7th, 2008 12:38 pm
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You people are making me so hungry that I got busy and made a version of hoppin john yesterday.  I soaked up a couple cups of black eyed peas then finished them in a 2 cups of braising liquid I had left from a picnic (smoked) ham shoulder.  I added 3 diced carrots, a whole mess of fresh picked turnip greens, 4 chopped roma tomatoes, leftover ham, and a big pinch of dried oregano.  I served it over brown rice.  Yum! 

I still have the fixin's for beef vegetable soup.  I'll tackle that today.  I am rapidly running out of room in my refridgerator.  Guess I'll have to start freezing some of it up.  Better yet I think I will activate the "Eat and Run Cafe".  If I make a big pot of soup, stew, etc., I call up some of the little old widows from our parish and invite them to the "Cafe".  They know the drill:  arrive at 5PM, get your own silverware, plate, napkin, drink, etc.  Serve your self from the pot on the stove.  We sit down and have a nice meal and chat together.  By 6PM everything is cleaned up and they are out the door.  They are home before dark and sitting in front of the TV ready for their favorite news program.  Now lets see, who was on that list?

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