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 Posted: Sat Nov 8th, 2008 03:42 am
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Lutefisk is much similar to self-flagellation. It is dried salt cod that had been soaked in lye to dissolve the bones.  So. If you decide to boil your excess latex gloves  and soak them in butter when they've finally melted, you have lutefisk.

I like to think of the stuff as an annual reminder of why my people left Norway in the first place. It's really not all that bad. Mix a dollop of snot with some thoroughly cooked up rubber bands, pour melted butter over it, and you have lutefisk. This is not your basic fish and chips.'

Like scotch. Ir's an a squired taste. On the other hand, we have lefse and fatigman. Lefse is a potato pancake,. Almost a quesada, but with butter and sugar, fit for Odin!  I'm punting here, but fatigman is a cream soup. When I say cream, I mean cream! Whipping cream cooked up with some glop that thickens it and clogs your arteries just thinking about it. And then there is fruit soup. Have forgotten the name for it, but it is an actual soup with raisins and currants and stuff like that in a heavy syrup.

We did eat some disgusting things when I was very young. But the cream soup and the fruit soup did not imprint. Nor did the lutefisk. This sort of thing was holiday trappings.  Biggest bro got imprinted. I did not.

As an aside, if you cook lutefisk in a pot, that pot can never again be used for ordinary cooking. Big bro has the pot. And he uses it. It's just an ordinary enameled steel pot. But it has, and will ever have, only one use. I think he keeps it in the garage when it is not needed.

If I'd ask him, we call him Bud, his name is Conraed and his wife calls him Connie,, he'd tell me to stuff it. Anyone else have a big brother?


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