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 Posted: Sat Nov 8th, 2008 11:34 pm
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Sherman:"The most brilliant expedition of the war"

So as you can see I must respectfully disagree with your assessment of Grierson as a commander and of his raid as merely doing what he was asked to do.

Terrance J. Winschel (Vicksburg chief park historian)wrote an excellent essay entitled "Playing Smash With the Railroads" in his first collection, "Triumph and Defeat-the Vicksburg campaign"

Now I concede that Grierson may have not been a household name like Forrest, Sheridan, or Stewart, but I think it's safe to allow him his place as a solid, intelligent, and successful cavalry commander in his own right.

And with respect to the original question I think he was far better than "second string".

Don't  know how you managed to edit my post, but it seems that you did.

First, let's get it out of the way that I think Grierson is overrated. He was told to do something that a lesser man might have screwed up. Royally. But the ride was not something that came out from under his hat. He was directed to do it and he did it in fine style. Can't fault him for that.

But. At the end of the story, is the end of the story. That was -- essentially -- about it. He didn't get a division or a corps. Sherman didn't ask for him when he set off for Savannah. He made his ride and got his kudos. Apparently, that was the end of it.


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