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 Posted: Sun Nov 9th, 2008 02:22 pm
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I can understand the passion, and if anyone clicked on the link, the article is from the Sam Hood Historical Society, whose purpose would be to defend Gen. Hood and attack whatever they see as falsehoods. I feel the same way about William C. Davis - he's a misleading "expert", and it takes more time to check his facts than is worth the information he might provide. Also, he has an annoying money-grubbing habit of collecting up old articles and publishing them as new books, or taking a single topic from an old book, tinkering with it a bit and selling in on amazon as a new "treatment". So when anyone cites Davis on anything, I pull out my soapbox.

Member samhood is spreading the word about an issue he cares about - I posted the "catfight" emoticon because I've heard this fight before, between the Sam Hood Society and Sword (and others - Gen. Hood is a controversial figure, and his behavior is open to many interpretations).
His post was just provocative in tone, resulting in the tones of the responses.

A productive discussion might be to question why Sword has such a poor opinion of Gen. Hood, in the same way William C. Davis has such a poor opinion of Gen. Johnston.

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