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 Posted: Mon Nov 10th, 2008 02:34 am
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Captain Crow wrote: I work with a guy from Kenya and his "comfort " food is welllll.......

Goat...roasted goat...and not just meat...heart, lungs, trachea, liver, intestines, brains, eyes....pretty much everything but the skin and bones.
Oh and of course one must have barbecue sauce right? welll.... in his country that is a mixture of bile and blood:shock:

And as a side dish we get clabbered milk with goat's blood=+-

And as if that wasn't yummy enough...part of the ritual involves killing the goat yourself via a technique I'll simply refer to as chinning the goat with a knife)(90

in fact he told us that once when he and his cousin first came to the U.S. they had the cops called on them for trying to slaughter a goat in their apartment seems the neighbors heard all commotion and thought something awful was occurring next door...a suspicion that was not allayed when my friend answered the door covered in blood and wearing only his boxer shorts:cool:...needless to say it took a bit of explaining to convince the police that they were not having a voodoo ritual or some such. This took place in a small town in Kansas....he had to move soon after that.)__

You must be describing a Maasai tribesman. I used to live in Kenya. The rituals described  and the curdled blood are typical of the Maasai. Not all meals made of goat include all that extra stuff.

The curdled blood doesn't come from a goat, but from the neck of a cow.  The cow is not killed for that procedure. His neck is "tapped", some blood drains out, then the cow goes on about his business (trying to avoid lions and cheetahs).

I'm stunned that a Maasai would go to all that bother in Kansas. If he was going to "BBQ" the goat meat outside, why wouldn't he just slaughter the goat outside? I can't imagine cleaning up such a mess in the bathroom, but who knows? Maybe he missed fresh goat meat as much in Kansas as I missed peanut butter and Fig Newtons in Brazil.

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