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 Posted: Mon Nov 10th, 2008 05:42 pm
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Just wondering what you all feel to be the single, worst large-scale atrocity committed against civians in the Civil War? I was just reading yesterday a detailed account of one in particular but wondered if there were others.

One reason I wonder about it is that for a war fought right on our soil with enemies tramping all over the soil, it seems as if there are incredibly few incidents of heinous crimes against civilians given the number of armed combatants involved and the many opportunities they would have had to step out of line.

I am not referring to routine bumming and foraging. I am referring to criminal and wanton sociopathic acts. For example, when one considers the large number of men in the war and the large number of women left unprotected, there seems to be relatively few cases of "outrages" against women. Is it that such "outrages" were not reported or is it that most soldiers were gentlemanly enough to restrain more base urges?

Mainly, however, I am referring to barbarism on a large scale. It seems as if such events were few and far between or maybe there are several I don't know about.

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