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 Posted: Tue Nov 11th, 2008 07:16 pm
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I have no reason to believe what Johan has said, but it does have a ring of reality to it. "I don't have time to mess with you. Geddouda my sight.! And don't let me ever see you again!"

That's a poor way to interpret history, but sometimes you just gotta put yourself on the spot. You're cold, hungry and tired. And here they come again -- shootin' and yellin' and wanting you dead. What do you do? Get mad? Get determined? Get the heck out of there? Put your aging butt behind that stump. Think about it.


Edit to comply with the subject of the thread. The black man, as we've come to discover, had the same thoughts as the white man. Teamster, farrier, cook or gun-toting card-carrying soldier ... didn't much matter. Until you've been on that line and you have chunks of lead zipping by your head, you cannot know what you would do in the same circumstance. I'll go with our guys who've been there. I can't tell you what I would have done. I just don't know. I'd like to think I could have stood there like they did. But I'll never know.

And now I'll tip one for the vets. Bless them all. Every one.


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