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 Posted: Wed Nov 12th, 2008 12:37 am
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I figure it's just the calm before the storm. OPEC will find an excuse to drop production and folks here in the U.S. will start cranking up the gas guzzlers again. We have all got to start thinking in terms of the big picture instead our just seeing own little slice of the world. Too many people drive giant gas gulping SUV's and Hummers just because they can. They don't need them for work or to car pool...they just bought them because they were the "in" thing never thinking there would ever be a shortage or the enormous price increases we've seen recently. And now... surprise! Other developing nations such as India and China are wanting their slice of the economic pie...including fuel for their cars. Increased demand + economic competition + diminishing supply = higher prices. Bottom line-it's going to run out some day folks so we'd better be prepared or things are going to get mighty rough here in the U.S. I just pray our new President's talk of developing alternative fuels turns out to be more than just an election year promise. And now I will step off of my soapbox.......

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