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 Posted: Wed Nov 12th, 2008 02:24 am
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Do you know what outfits your nephews are in, as my #2 daughter is currently a fish in B-2? She also jumped out of a perfectly good airplane after that OU massacre, as well as my oldest son and his girlfriend. Freefalling is a real rush.

Dublin is a small town near Stephenville it is the last place on earth that makes DP with real cane sugar.  When they and every other soda manufacturer went to corn syrup in the late 60s, it really changed the taste in my opinion, especuially DP.  The Dublin DPs taste like the kind you got at the soda fountain in the 50s and 60s.  The best soda in the world.  Until about 2 years ago you could only get it by going to Dublin or the DP museum in Waco, in fact my father's day present two years ago was a case of Dublin DP and my poor wife had to enter the city limits of Waco to get it--what a huge sacrifice and that's why I love her.  Now all the major metropolitan supermarkets and several restaurants in Texas carry this elixir from the gods, so no trip to Waco this year for father's day and instead she got me a skydive, which I cashed in on Sunday.  did I say freefalling is a huge rush?

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