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 Posted: Fri Aug 11th, 2006 09:48 pm
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I got started in the civil war stuff as a jr high student in Excelsior Springs MO. In our History class our Teacher Mr. Britt spent a full semester on the Civil War , he was a great storyteller made the people and events come alive , and the afternoon he brought in his reenactors gear and fired an enfield in school I was hooked,  ( he was or is a Union Infantry man I am always afraid or hope that I look down from the back of my charging horse and see him ) I started reenactin when i went to Wilsons Creek when i first moved to MO and met up with a great group of Cav reenactors that were having a spring muster there. Now i get to do 2 of my favorite things ride horses and learn history. OH by the way I am 35 for some reason the border wars really interest me , so that is what i like to study most.

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