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 Posted: Fri Nov 14th, 2008 02:13 pm
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Johan, unluckliy what I most recall is the underlying methodology rather than the actual source. My mind's eye recalls it as a footnote to a journal or magazine article.

The post-war Freedman's bureau's records were a virtual census of recently freed slaves. To as great an extent possible, it documented the birthplace and travels of the recently freed, thus providing a somewhat central source for reuniting long- and widely-separated families. These lists were replicated and dispersed to the various offices.

As can be expected, individuals list Maryland and Pennsylvania as their homes and report being taken south in the summer of 1863.

It struck me at the time as an unexpected lode of information with informative consequences.

The reasons get better and better for keeping a journal of readings and notes therof ;)


PS now that I think of it, the library may provide a list the books I've checked out in the last couple of years...

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