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 Posted: Sat Nov 15th, 2008 02:25 am
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Johan I use to haunt the outlet mall bookstores for books on tape when I was driving interstate 5 alot to visit friends and go to Oregon .  I built up quite a collection and passed them on to other friends.  Just loaned the last of the collection to a friend who was hit in the face with his chainsaw.  He is okay now and his eye was not damaged.  He loves to read so I loaned him my best ones to listen to while he recovered. 

I would find the strangest books in the outlet bookstores but listened to some interesting books.  I remember I found Joseph Wambaugh's true life story  The Firestarter at the outlet outside Gettysburg .   Found an interesting set of radio plays called Midnight Cab somewhere on the road.  They are Canadian.  I loved them , never did find all of them wish I had.   I need to get some new ones to listen to just driving around .  One of the strangest but most interesting was on the Circus fire in Hartford in the 1940's .  I kept finding reasons to drive to listen to it.


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