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 Posted: Mon Nov 17th, 2008 02:42 am
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Cranberry relish: Wash and pick over whole cranberries, run them through a grinder with peeled orange sections (not too many). Sugar to taste. It's best if you let it sit so the sugar can make juice. Grind to a mince, but not a glop.

Rice dressing with pecans or walnuts! I'll have to try that. I like to cook up sausage and crumble some into the stuffing (breakfast, Italian, your choice).

Heavenly salad. Tender greens -- spinach, Bibb, Romaine leaves. Chunk up a tart apple or two, but the secret is in the dressing: small can of frozen orange juice thawed and mixed with mayo until you have a mayo dressing tasting strongly of orange, but not overwhelmingly. Couldn't hurt to plop in a few mandarin orange sections. Heavenly.

And that's enough. Leave room for dessert.


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