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 Posted: Sat Aug 12th, 2006 03:07 pm
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I think I am going to bow out of this "discussion". What at first seemed to be a promising debate has gone nowhere. I come into each new thread with an open mind and enjoy sharing and learning facts. But this conversation seems to be no more than a schoolyard argument of "my big brother can lick your big brother."

No one holds a higher opinion of General Lee than myself. In addition no one holds a higher opinion of General Grant. Two extrordinarily gifted military men. Your comparsion of General Lee to Jesus Christ in the other thread, joke or not, and your labeling his opponent as a butcher and drunk bring way too much bias to the discussion than I am prepared for. If you wish to deal in facts, I'm always available. And before anyone jumps on the Grant bashing bandwagon and says it is FACT that he was an alcoholic and he did order bloody assaults, I know and I agree. If merits and faults can be discussed and supported by facts without stereotypes I'm all for it. But if it becomes merely an impassioned argument for the "best man" I just get weary.

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