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 Posted: Tue Nov 18th, 2008 05:26 pm
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Tim, I was actually hoping to have it for this Sunday's games, but it's looking grim. Was supposed to ship yesterday and still hasn't.

Gotta give kudo's to DirecTV though. Started researching what I had to do to actually get the HD once the TV arrived. Oy Vey! $99 for a new receiver, plus needed a new dish upgrade, plus $9.99 a month for the HD access. So reluctantly called them to order all the stuff (was going to threaten to switch to DishTV to see if they's knock a few bucks off). Real nice guy answered, pulled up our account and saw we were a customer in good standing....waived the receiver charge, dish upgrade will be free, and waived the $9.99/mth fee for a year. Nice to see a company take care of current customers rather then just running specials "for new customers only". And it will all be done Friday! Total cost - $0.

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