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 Posted: Thu Nov 20th, 2008 03:19 pm
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susansweet wrote: Ole I agree about Garlic.  We even have a garlic festival here in California.  I went once .  Had garlic popcorn, garlic ice cream, and my friend even tried garlic wine.  We had Philly cheese steaks with garlic added. 

For years driving north on 101 when you get near Gilroy you could smell the garlic in the fields .  Loved driving that way.  You are right Garlic rules.


Just now noticed your post. We have been to Gilroy, CA and just as you say, the unique smell is noticeable miles away.

Near me, the city of DelRay Beach has a garlic fest every year with garlic cooking contests and usually a national music act to liven up the scene. It is very well attended.

I don't know about this year, however. With the economy on the skids, all the little cities around me are cutting out festivals, parades and celebrations and decorations of all kinds. The town to my immediate west has had the scrawniest Christmas tree I have ever seen in any town holiday celbration in the US in my entire life. I HATE to think what they will put up this year--IF they put up a tree at all.

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