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 Posted: Fri Nov 21st, 2008 12:09 am
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Most memorial Thanksgiving Dinner. My father always took us out to eat for Thanksgiving. He said it was mom's day off , but I really think he wanted to eat something good. Mom was not a cook. We started off to find a place to eat. We drove as far as Victorville California. Now we lived in Compton south of Los Angeles , that was a long way. He stopped , we ate a lovely meal then got back in the car. Now here is the fun part. Daddy said he turned the wrong way going out of the parking lot. I was a little kid , second grade what did I know. We drove til all of a sudden we were in Las Vegas. Mom didn't have a lipstick even as she always said. We stopped at drugstore to get us clean underwear and t shirts to sleep in. T

Got up the next morning and went to Boulder Day (Hoover) to see the dam. My father worked on it in the 30's . Then drove home. It was a great trip for my brother and I . My mother til the end of her days told about the day my dad took us out for Thanksgiving dinner and we ended up in Vegas. I swear she believed Dad had gotten lost. I was talk to my aunt about that very thing right before she passed away. She said "Your father wanted to take you kids to see Boulder Dam, your mother didn't want to go so he made up the story". He alweays intended to go . That is my story. It was a great trip and a well remembered Thanksgiving.

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