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 Posted: Sat Nov 22nd, 2008 12:44 am
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I'm doing Thanksgiving at my house this year for my side of the family. My mother is in charge of the stuffing, since that's one thing I just cannot make as well as she can (I can't even make Stove Top stuffing--the kind you just add water to--right), and she makes a great bread stuffing. I still remember there being a brown paper bag in the back of the fridge where she would put all the loaf ends for months before the holidays, and when she took them out to make stuffing I'd get to break all the really stale pieces up. Don't know where she got that idea but it worked. My great aunt used to make and bring oyster stuffing, but it was sort of like eating rubber erasers in mushy bread, to me.

My mom also makes this weird sounding but really good red beet dish, which she got as a recipe from a Gene Stratton Porter cookbook. You need fresh beets, and the sauce is a creamy horseradish type sauce that turns bright pink from the beet juice. She's made this for Thanksgiving for years, and it's actually really good!


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