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 Posted: Mon Nov 24th, 2008 01:50 am
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That is quite a complex question. A lot depends upon the organization. The SUVCW & SCV have completely different standards for ranks than most reenactor units. Some units hold elections, others have tests, others still just say "I'm gonna be a Sgt this week.

As an example in the SUVCW I am a Private, in my Living History unit I wear a set of Corporal stripes earned through involvement and participation. I was offered a set of Sgt stripes but turned it down and put them forward to someone else who I thought needed those stripes on his sleeve more than I.Frankly, his command of drill was/is far superior to mine.

As another example I saw a Cav unit arranged their ranks thus. "I created the unit, I'm the Captain. Bob you have a four horse trailer and the ability to haul it, you're the First Sgt. Mike, you know the war was actually from 1861-65 and like to do research; you're the Second Sgt. Everybody else is a Private."

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