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 Posted: Tue Aug 15th, 2006 01:54 pm
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James Longstreet wrote: Because it makes about as much sense to me to say the Confederate flag is racist as it does that the American flag is racist.  The Confederacy had slavery for four years, but the U.S. had slavery for about 80 years.  And today, both flags are flown by racist and hate groups.

Who called the Confederate flag racist? I didn't. I simply pointed out that a lot of those people who fly it are racist. Would you not agree that, based on no scientific surveys whatsoever, that a greater percentage of those that fly the Confederate flag are racist as compared to those that don't?

BTW, I laugh when I hear the comparsion of slavery in the U.S. compared with slavery of the Confederacy. Northern states abolished slavery on their own. Southern states had to have it taken away by force. Slavery lasted much longer in southern states. Slavery lasted for the entire life of the Confederacy. Oh, and for those 80 years, slavery ALWAYS existed in southern states, which, as you should know, was part of the U.S.. You can't say it existed the entire length in northern ones.

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