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 Posted: Tue Nov 25th, 2008 01:34 pm
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Any place that carries Hormel brand foods can order Salt Pork... it's probably most popular in areas w/ large Russian immigrant communities.

Actually salt pork is excellent if properly prepared. Soak it in water overnight remove from the water and use the water to poison a nearby tree. Then toss in the oven w/ a couple of freshly... acquired sweet potatoes. Bake until done. (time depends on thickness of salt pork and size of potato) So simple even a dumb batcheler like me couldn't mess it up.

My wife makes an increadible salt pork and apple dish. I'm more than a little happy that my wife enjoys history as well. She's the culinary and fashion expert.

I learned a long time ago... no matter how disgusting it sounds I'll try it. As often as not I've been pleasently suprised.

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