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 Posted: Sat Nov 29th, 2008 06:29 am
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Disagree, Duke, but I see where you're coming from. As an area commander, Chattanoog brought him to the Commanding General of all the Union Armies, but Forts Henry and Donelson secured Lincoln's notice and patronage.

I base this judgement on Lincoln's somewhat harsh "put up or shut up" message to Halleck which essentially asked Halleck to provide corroboration for his reasons for removing Grant from command.

Grant had taken Donelson and then, on pretty much his own hook, cooperated with Buell in taking Nashville. He had operated on his own initiative and I believe Lincoln noticed that. Then.

I think Lincoln saw beyond Grant's embarrassment at Shiloh to see the dogged and well run fight there. And, I also wouldn't be hard to persuade that Lincoln pulled Halleck east at least partly to get him out of Grant's way.

Then, mostly unnoticed now, was how securely Grant secured West Tennessee and began his moves on Vicksburg. (Lincoln took note of, but didn't fault occasional failures -- he could see that the general trend was up.)

By the time Vicksburg fell, I figure Lincoln needed only an excuse to put Grant in charge. That was Chattanooga.

To make a short story longer, you're a CEO of a giant conglomerate. Here you have a guy who's running one of your subsidiaries efficiently and effectively with a bottom line better than any other subsidiary chief. I suspect you'd notice and start paying attention to his books. Then you'd put him in a position to direct all your subsidiaries.


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