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 Posted: Sat Nov 29th, 2008 06:37 am
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I basically agree with Cooley. If we leave Grant out of it, without control of the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers, the Confederacy loses Kentucky and Nashville. And the chain of dominoes has started tumbling. Break the railroad at Corinth and and a wedge is driven between the east and west Confederacies. The loss of Memphis drives the wedge deeper. Lose New Orleans, Vicksburg and Port Hudson and you have two Confederacies.

Next is Chattanooga and Knoxville. They feed Sherman's Armies during the Atlanta Campaign. Mobile falls (as a port) to the navy at about the same time. The dominoes are falling, and the first one was tipped at Ft. Donelson.


Should have noticed the "Comeback Kid" comment. Grant's military performance wasn't remarkable and wasn't disastrous at Belmont and in SE Missouri. Whether Elihu Washburne had his fingers into getting Grant promoted to the District of Cairo, I can't say. Maybe it was Halleck grooming a promising subordinate. But, at Donelson, he certainly gained Lincoln's attention.

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