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 Posted: Sun Nov 30th, 2008 12:49 am
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Okay, on to something a little different: traditions.

I'll admit it: I am a Christmas fiend, thanks in part to my mother, who taught me well. I honor and appreciate the meaning of thanks in Thanksgiving (in my family, we have always been expected to come to the Thanksgiving table with one good thing to be thankful for, or else the rest of the family would wait until you came up with one), but also the advent of Thanksgiving means to me that Christmas is not far off. And though I know many people who deplore the commercialism of the holiday (myself included), to me Christmas is really about tradition.

For example, my family always followed the German tradition of hiding a pickle on the Christmas tree, and whomever found it first had good luck for the rest of the year. My mother used a real pickle (though now they sell ornaments shaped like pickles), and let me tell you, it's darn hard to find a tiny sweet pickle among the pine boughs. My mother also always made the same food each Christmas dinner, right down to the awful Lebanon bologna-and-cream cheese with horseradish rolls for appetizers, and hot toddies with peach Schnapps. So traditions run in my blood, so to speak.

Now, with my own family, we also have our own traditions. My husband and I have eaten the same shrimp and garlic pasta meal for about a dozen years on Christmas Eve, and we always drive to Longwood Gardens, a great garden about an hour outside of Philly, the day after Christmas, where we look at the lights and the spectacular indoor gardens of poinsettias, paperwhites, and decorated Christmas trees. Yup, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without those traditions.

What about the rest of you? Considering we're scattered all over the country, and even across the ocean, I'm sure there are lots of unique traditions out there!



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